Dol Amrir
Government Monarchy
Ruler (formerly) Prince Imrahil
Races Human
Dol Amrir is a city that was ruled by Prince Imrahil.


Dol Amrir is a city of moderate size located near the border between human and elf lands. Until recently the people within its walls were heavly oppressed by their ruler, Prince Imrahil. That changed when the Prince was assassinated by the Ranger Ibram Ravernor, whom poisoned the Prince as he slept.

Notable LocationsEdit

Thistleweed Tavern - The city's only tavern, known for the expensive rooms and poor service. It was burnt to the ground the evening before Prince Imrahil was assassinated. Although no one was arrested for the arson, city authorities are interested in speaking to any Tiefling Rogues that were in the area at the time.

Featured/Mentioned InEdit

  • The Beginning And Betrayal