Captain Serendius Delenter
Gender Male
Race Human
Home Unknown
Class Fighter
Alignment Unaligned
Guild(s) Dol Amrir City Guard
Languages Common, Elven
Age in 1374 DR Unknown
Died Killed during the quest Gauntlet of Marduk
Player Alpha Theta
Serendius was a captain of the guard in the city of Dol Amrir. He accompanied the Knights of the Azure Hare in their search of the assassin Ibram Ravernor. Serendius was killed during the battle against Marduk and the Knights of the Azure Hare.


According to some rumours Serendius Delenter had been around for approximately a thousand years. When ever he was asked about this he would simply laugh, but some believe this to be a guise. Some say that Serendius was somehow connected to an island nation whose surrounding ocean became unstable approximately ten thousand years ago.

Unfortunately the truth will be never found out as Serendius has passed into the realm of the dead....

Adventures Involved InEdit